Amazon Pink River Dolphin Facts – Pink River Dolphin Fun Facts

Amazon Pink River Dolphin Facts – Pink River Dolphin Fun Facts

We have researched some of the most interesting Amazon rainforest pink river dolphin facts so that you get to know all about Amazon river dolphin. Amazon or pink river dolphin (Inia geoffrensis) is the largest member of the river dolphin species. It is one of the species of toothed whales, called odontocetes. These river dolphins are usually found alone or averaging 3 individuals in a pod (group name). The pod size may become large in locations where the food is readily available. Let’s get on with Amazon river dolphin facts for kids

Amazon Pink River Dolphin🐬Facts

The color of the adult individuals varies and they are usually mottled pink. The body of this dolphin is flexible and powerfully built. It can turn its head to 90 degrees. It has wide triangle-shaped flukes (lobes of the tail), paddle-shaped pectoral fins and very long dorsal fin.

The body color of the juveniles is dark gray but the blackness disappears with time. Unlike males, the female pink river dolphin has lighter shade of pink color. On either side of its jaws, there are up to 28 pairs of teeth with a long snout.

Unlike other aquatic mammals, the male of this dolphin species is about 16 percent longer than the females.

A male pink river dolphin can grow up to a length of 8.4 feet and weighs up to 408 pounds while the females are up to 7.1 feet long and weigh up to 330 pounds.

Amazon River Dolphin Lifespan: It has a lifespan range of 10 to 30 years in captivity.

amazon pink river dolphin facts A female dolphin gives birth to a newborn in May or June. A calf is around 2.6 feet long and it is suckled by its mother for long period of time.

Amazon River Dolphin Habitat: They are most widely distributed species of river dolphins and are found in six South American countries of Venezuela, Brazil, Peru, Colombia and Ecuador. They are found in the natural habitats of river canals, side streams and inland seas.

Amazon River Dolphin Diet: The pink river dolphin has the most diverse diet among all species of toothed whales. On its menu, there may be more than 53 different fish species. Among others, the diet consists of piranhas, catfishes, drums, tetras, turtles and freshwater crabs. In order to spot its prey, the dolphin uses echolocation in murky waters.

These dolphins do not have any fear of different objects like oars, boats and logs. They tend to rub their skin and play around with these objects.

Other Names: Pink river dolphin, Bufeo, Boto

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