Angel Shark Facts for Kids

angel shark facts for kids

Angel shark (Squatina squatina) is a bottom-dwelling shark and likes to stay on sandy bottom. It stays calm inside the sand and ambushes its prey as it comes any closer. It is the only genus in its family and order.

The spiracles are located on top while five gill slits are found at the back. The angel shark has wide pectoral fins and flat body. That’s why these sharks look like rays.

Angel sharks can grow up to a maximum length of 8 feet. However, most of these are typically 5 feet long.

A litter size can range fromangel shark facts for kids 7 to 25 pups.

These sharks are found in shallow temperate and tropical waters. Angel shark is found all the way from Scandinavia to Africa (northwest region).

Angel sharks readily feed on shrimp, crabs, octopus, krill, lobsters and squid.

Since these are bottom-dwelling sharks, they are more vulnerable to bycatch. Besides, habitat degradation is also a possible threat to its survival. It has strong jaws and can inflict severe injury to the diver.

Other names: Angelshark, Monkfish

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