Archaeopteryx Facts for Kids – Archaeopteryx Facts & Information

You’ll ready some of the most fascinating Archaeopteryx facts for kids. Archaeopteryx is thought to be the first bird. It lived around 150 million years ago. Scientists however aren’t sure if the archaeopteryx is a bird or reptile since it had both birds and reptilian features. It was just about the size of a modern-day raven except for its wings are slightly broader.

Archaeopteryx Facts for Kids

Archaeopteryx had wings longer than its body. It had not only small teeth but also long bony tail. Both these features are absent in modern birds.

Archaeopteryx facts for kidsThe adult archaeopteryx had an overall body length of about 20 inches. It had a body weight of about 1.8 – 2.2 pounds.

Archaeopteryx could not fly like modern birds but they did manage to flap their wings.

The archaeopteryx could hunt with its jaws and claws depending on the size of the prey. If the prey was large the archaeopteryx grabbed it with claws.

It had made habitats in sub-tropical and semi-arid lands particularly those that are covered with 10-foot long shrubs.

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