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royal python facts for kids

Check out some of the most amazing ball python facts for kids. The ball python (Python regius) is probably the smallest of the African pythons. It is mainly found in sub-Saharan Africa. As is typical of a python, the ball python is a completely nonvenomous species. Ball pythons make pretty good pets. Currently ball pythons do not have any subspecies. Ball pythons are also called Royal pythons. Let’s now read ball python facts.

✎Ball Python Facts

✎ The ball python is a pretty small python reaching an average length of 182 cm. Males are only slightly smaller than females.

✎ Males attain maturity when they reach 122 – 137 cm in the overall length. The average length of adult males is about 90 – 107 cm.

✎ Ball pythons have small head but solid body. The scales are smooth and they appear in both male and female.

✎ Royal pythons usually display dark brown to black color with some shades of gold and light brown. They have white belly which has some black markings.

royal python facts for kids✎ It is often confused with Burmese python for the markings in both species are nearly the same.

The ball python is found in Ivory Coast, Nigeria, Cameroon, Senegal, Sierra Leone, Central African Republic, Liberia, Uganda, Chad, and Ghana.

✎ Ball pythons make habitats in savannas, wooded areas, and grasslands.

✎ Ball Python Diet: They will eat shrews, striped mice, and African soft-furred rats. Subadult pythons are thought to feed on birds quite often.

✎ When the python feels threatened, it coils its body so rounded that the python looks like a ball. That is why the python earned its name.

✎ The python’s nature is passive which is why it is often bred in captivity.

✎ Female pythons produce 3 to 11 leathery eggs. The average number of eggs is about 4 – 6. Ball python’s eggs hatch in about 55 – 60 days. Males will reach maturity at 11 – 18 months while females become mature at 20 – 36 months.

✎ Lifespan: Ball python can live as long as 30 years in captivity.

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