Black Tailed Deer Facts for Kids

black tailed deer facts

The black tailed deer lives in the coastal habitats of western North America and Pacific Northwest. It is a subspecies of mule deer. There are two types of black tailed deer: Columbian black-tailed deer and Sitka deer.

The Colombian black tailed deer are mostly found in the Northern California and British Columbia whereas the Sitka deer occurs in the Southeast Alaska, Southcentral Alaska including Kodiak Island, and British Columbia.

They are also found in western Oregon, British Colombia, and Washington.

Black tailed deer prefblack tailed deer factsers to make habitats in dark forests. However dark forests do not seem to cover with grasslands therefore the deer stays on the edge of the forest. Black tailed deer will need grasslands not only for the food but for the cover as well.

The black tailed deer eats western poison oak, lichens, western red cedar, deer fern, forbs, salmonberry, blackberries, fireweed, maple, salal, apples, and red huckleberry.

They become active in the early morning or in the early hours of night.

The breeding season ranges from November to December. The female produces 2 fawns after a gestation period of 210 days.

They have excellent sense of smell and sight. Black tailed deer can move each of their ears independently.

Humans are probably the only predators of black-tailed deer.

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