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black wolf facts

Are you ready to learn some of the most fascinating black wolf facts The black wolf is not really a subspecies of either grey wolf or red wolf. It is a color variant in red wolves. The coat is not actually black—it is grey in color.

Interesting Black Wolf Facts

The black wolf weighs as much as 46 – 160 pounds.

Black wolves still possibly exist in the wild but no one has witnessed it lately. They may or may not be around today.

Black Wolf Habitat: The black wolf makes habitat in desolated deserts and Arctic tundra.

They will run at a speed of 40 miles per wolf facts

The black wolf probably breeds in Siberia, France, southern Syria, North America, and Scotland.

The grey wolf might have possibly mated with a black wolf which led to a black color variant in black wolves. Besides, the black color is not a natural color—it owes its color to a domestic dog breeds instead.

The female produces 8 – 10 black-colored pups.

Black wolves have very few natural predators in the wild.

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