Blue Shark Facts for Kids – Interesting Facts and Information

Blue Shark Facts for Kids – Interesting Facts and Information

We have researched some of the most amazing blue shark facts for kids so that you get to know all about blue shark. Blue shark (Prionace glauca) is a deep-water fish that likes swimming in cooler temperate oceans. It seems to be a sluggish but a highly migratory fish that has a deep-blue color on top and white underbelly. It has a light-weight, slender body with relatively large pectoral fins.

Blue Shark Facts for Kids

It can grow as long as 12 feet. Typically, female individuals are larger than the males. An adult male species can grow up to 6 to 9 feet while female can grow up to 10 feet. Male blue sharks can weigh up to 120 pounds while females weigh around 400 pounds.

The lifespan of blue shark is about 20 years.

Female sharks reach maturity after 5 to 6 years while male individuals mature one year earlier.

A litter size of blue shark range from 4 to 100 pups. On average however, a litter size consists of 35 pups at a time.

Where Do Blue Sharks Live? It is found on tropical and temperate oceans and can dive down to a depth of 1,150 feet. Blue sharks are present off the coasts of every continent. To the north, it is found all the way up to Norway.

What Do Blue Sharks Eat? Blue shark likes to eat squid and small pelagic fish. However, there are some other organisms too on its menu like bony fish, octopus, other small sharks, cuttlefish, crabs, lobsters, seabirds and shrimp. Occasionally, they are also found to feed on marine mammals like porpoises and whales. It is believed that blue sharks continue to eat all day long.

Tiger shark, killer whale and the great white are the predators for the juvenile species of blue sharks.

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