Borneo Pygmy Elephant Facts

borneo elephant facts for kids

Borneo elephant is one of the Asian subspecies one that lives in the forests of Malaysia and Indonesia. Unlike many other elephants, Borneo elephant has a long tail.

Borneo Elephant Facts for Kids

  1. borneo elephant facts for kidsBorneo pygmy elephant is the smallest subspecies of Asian elephants.
  2. It can reach the height of 8.9 to 9.8 feet.
  3. The adult elephant has baby-like face with large ears.
  4. The Borneo pygmy elephant is also called Borneo elephant.
  5. The scientific name of the Borneo elephant is Elephas maximus borneensis.
  6. It has a total population of about 1,500 individuals.
  7. Borneo elephants have pretty long tails. They are often seen dragging their tail on the floor while they walk.
  8. Borneo elephants prefer to make habitats in forests.
  9. They are mainly found in the forests of Malaysia Indonesia, and northeastern Borneo.
  10. The continuous cutting of forests is probably the biggest threat to Borneo elephants.
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