Brushtail Possum Facts for Kids

brushtail possum facts

The brushtail possum (Trichosurus Vulpecula) is one of the largest possums in the world—second only to Virginia possum. The possum lives in Australia. It is an arboreal species. The brushtail possum is probably the most common marsupial in Australia.

Brushtail possums are found throughout the eastern and western Australia including Tasmania, Barrow Island, and Kangaroo Island. They are also found in New Zealand.

The possum makes habitat in eucalyptus forests.

Brushtail possums become active at night. They have folivorous diet. They will eat small mammals, shoots, seeds, flowers, fruits, bird’s eggs, insects, small vertebrates, and eucalyptus leaves. Brushtail possum prefers to consume rats.

The brushtail possum is recognized by its pointed ears. It has sharp claws just like koala’s with the help of brushtail possum factswhich possum can grasp tree branches.

Adult possums measure 32 – 58 cm in body length. Brushtail possum possums have pretty long tail averaging 24 – 40 inches in length. Possums weigh as much as 1.2 – 4.5 kilograms. Females are smaller than males.

The possum has varied colors. Some species are silver-grey while others are gold and brown in appearance. Like most other possums, brushtail possums have prehensile tail.

Brushtail possums are also found in urban areas near human settlement. In cities they will feed on kitchen raids, human garbage, and vegetable gardens.

The female produces only one baby possum after a gestation period of 16 – 18 days. The baby possum weighs only 2 grams at birth.

Brushtail possums can live as long as 13 years in the wild.

Predators of brushtail possums are cats, dogs, tigers, goannas, quolls, owls, foxes, and carpet snakes.

The IUCN Red List has listed brushtail possums as Least Concern.

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