Canada Goose Facts for Kids – Interesting Facts & Information

canada goose facts for kids

Do you want to read some of the most amazing Canada goose facts for kids. Canada goose (Branta canadensis) is one of the most widespread birds of North America. It tends to migrate in V-shaped formations and can travel as long as 1,500 miles in a day. It takes up summer residence in the northern part of North America while it flies southward in winter. Canada geese are highly sociable and generally stay within their flocks throughout the year.

Canada Goose Facts for Kids

It has long dark-colored neck and head. It has unique white-colored chinstrap and cheeks. The back of the bird is brown while its breast is yellowish-brown. It has wide bill and webbed feet.

It has a length range of 76 to 110 centimeters. Its wingspan has a size of about 127 to 170 centimeters. It weighs around 3,000 to 9,000 grams. In size, it is bigger than a Mallard duck.

Canada Goose Lifespan: It has an average lifespan of 24 years. The lifespan of the oldest known Canada goose is 33 years. 

canada goose facts for kidsWhere Do Canadian Geese Live? Canadian geese occupy a wide variety of habitats as these are highly adaptable birds. They are waterbirds and tend to inhabit habitats of grassy and grain fields. They are also found in lawns and fields like airfields, parks and golf courses.

What do Canadian Geese Eat? Since they are herbivores, Canada goose diet consists mainly of grasses and leaves. During summer, geese tend to feed mainly on grasses like eelgrass and leaves of skunk cabbage. However in fall, these birds eat agricultural grains and berries.

Canada geese lay a clutch size of 2 to 8 eggs. Each egg measures about 8.3 centimeters in length and 5.6 centimeters in width. The bird incubates for about 25 to 28 days and the nestling period lasts around 42 to 50 days. 

Canada Goose Predators: The goslings and eggs of Canada geese are eaten by many predators like raccoons, coyotes, red foxes, American crows, American black bear, brown bear and white foxes. The predators of the adult geese are gray wolves, coyotes, bald eagles, snowy owls and golden eagles

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