Carpenter Ant Facts for Kids

carpenter ant facts

Carpenter ants (Camponotus spp.) are the most widespread and famous ant species in the United States. They belong to the genus Camponotus which includes as many as 1,000 ants. While carpenter ants build nests inside the wood they do not actually eat woods. Carpenter ants are not termites.

Carpenters ants are pretty big ants measuring 0.76 to 2.54 cm in length.

Carpenter ants fancy making habitats in moist tropical forests. They will make homes in hollow wood and it doesn’t matter if the wood is in the open air or a closed house.

Carpenter ants eat aphid, honeydew, dead insects, and extrafloral nectar.

Carpenter ants will carpenter ant factsconstruct pathways into the wood so that all the worker ants may have easy access to the nests. They are found inside human houses such as porches, windows, decks, and roof leaves.

They like to live in moist places. Carpenter ants also build underground tunnels. The entire tunnel system begins from the nest and ends in a food source.

Carpenter ants are thought to forage at night. They are nocturnal species. While most carpenter ants consume live insects, there are some that feed on live insects. Once they find a dead insect all ants begin to extract fluids out of it to carry it to the nest.

Unlike fire ants, carpenter ants are not really aggressive but they do defend their food source quite actively.

The queen lays 20 eggs in a nest. She then looks after the brood.

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