Fallow Deer Facts for Kids

fallow deer facts

The fallow deer (Dama dama) lives in the western Eurasia. It has light brown or chestnut to almost white-colored coat. Males are called buck while females are known as doe.

The average body length of an adult male is about 140 – 160 cm and it weighs 60 – 100 kg. The shoulder height is about 140 – 160 cm. Does measure 130 – 150 cm in body length and averages 75 – 85 cm in shoulder height. The weight of adult females is about 30 – 50 kg.

The heaviest fallow deer ever recorded at 330 pounds and it measured 190 in the overall body length.

The fallow deer lives in Sofallow deer factsuth Africa, Cyprus, Falkland Islands, United States, Canada, New Zealand, Australia, Morocco, Madagascar, Mauritius, Algeria, Lebanon, Peru, Israel, Fernando, and Argentina.

Fallow deer are just like other deer. They are pure browsers. Fallow deer prefer to makes homes in a variety of habitats such as open grasslands, deciduous forests, meadows, conifer plantations, marshes, and mixed woodlands.

They can live in large herds during the breeding season. There can be as many as 150 individuals in a group.

Fallow deer are very fast runners. They can achieve a speed of 30 miles per hour in short bursts. They can also jump 5.8 feet high above the ground.

The IUCN Red List has listed the fallow deer population as Least Concern.

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