Fur Seal Facts for Kids

Fur Seal Facts for Kids

There are nine species of fur seals. They have external ears and long fore-flippers, making them more similar to sea lions. Out of nine species, northern fur seal is the only one that has different genus while the rest eight belong to Arctocephalus. They have a distinctive feature to walk on all fours by bringing their hind limbs forward. As compare to sea lions, they are smaller in size.

Interesting Fur Seal Facts

With a size of just 3.3 feet in length, Galapagos seal is the smallest of all seals. In proportion to their size, fur seals have longer flippers and their coat is also darker. In weight, the females are five times lighter than the male fur seals.

On average, they have a lifespan of 12 to 30 years.

In summer, they like to form colonies along rocky outcrops.

Fur seals eat medium-sized fish, krill and squid. Southern fur seals also feed on penguins and sea birds.

Orcas and sharks are the predators of fur seals. Sometimes, sea lions also prey upon them.

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