Grey Kangaroo Facts for Kids

grey kangaroo facts

Grey kangaroos are found all throughout the Australia. There are two subspecies of grey kangaroo: western grey kangaroo and eastern grey kangaroo. The population of grey kangaroos is in millions.

The eastern grey kangaroo is one of the largest living kangaroos—second only to red kangaroos. Adult kangaroos weigh as much as 110 – 146 pounds.

The western grey kangaroo eats grass, low trees, and leafy shrubs.

Eastern gregrey kangaroo factsy kangaroos make homes in a variety of habitats such as woodlands, inland scrubs, mountain forests, sub-tropical forests, and woodlands.

The eastern grey kangaroo mostly most active in the early hours of morning and at night. They are highly social in that they live in groups. Each group consists of 2 – 3 females.

The western grey kangaroo lives in relatively larger groups consisting of 15 members.

The overall population of eastern grey kangaroo is about 11.4 million.

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