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javan rhino facts for kids

Let’s take a look at some of the most interesting Javan rhino facts for kidsThe Javan rhinoceros (Rhinoceros sondaicus) is one of the rarest rhinos in the world. It is mainly recognized by its armor-like skin. The rhinoceros is also called lesser one-horned rhino or Sunda rhinoceros. It’s time to know all about Javan rhino.

Javan Rhino🦏 Facts for Kids

Adult rhinos grow 6.5 to 13 foot in the overall length with the shoulder height measuring at 4.6 – 5.6 feet. Javan rhinos are nearly the size of a black rhinoceros. They are the biggest mammals living in Java.

Javan rhinos weigh as much as 1,980 and 5,070 pounds. They have the smallest horns of all rhinos. Javan rhinos never use their horns in fighting—they use it to scrape mud away.

javan rhino facts for kidsWhere do Javan Rhinos Live? Javan rhinos make homes in a variety of habitats such as grasslands, reed beds, large floodplains, lowland rainforests, abundant rivers, mud wallows, and dense rainforests.

What do Javan Rhinos Eat? The Javan rhino is herbivorous. It will consume young foliage, shoots, fallen fruits, twigs, and shoots. Javan rhinos are most likely to prefer shrubland, vegetation, and forest clearings.

They have an acute sense of smell and hearing. But Javan rhinoceros has poor eyesight.

Javan rhinos likely live as long as 30 – 45 years in the wild.

The total population of a Javan rhino consists of 100 individuals in the wild. The IUCN has listed it as a critically endangered species.

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