Malayan Tiger Facts for Kids

The Malayan tiger (Panthera tigris jacksoni) is one of the rarest cats. The total wild population is estimated at 250 individuals only. It is a critically endangered species. The closest relative of Malayan tiger is an Indochinese tiger. The characteristics and physical features of both species is nearly the same. Some scientists claim that Malayan and Indochinese cats are one and the same. The Indochinese cat that occurs on Malay Peninsula is thought to be a Malayan tiger.

Females reach a size of 70 to 103 in (180 to 260 cm) in body length while their height measures around 23 to 41 in (58 to 104 cm).

Female tigermalayan tiger facts for kidss weigh up to 52 to 195 lb (24 to 88 kg) and tigers average 104 to 284.7 lb (47.2 to 129.1 kg) in weight. The average body length of a male is about 75 to 112 in (190 to 280 cm).

The tiger lives in Thailand, Singapore, South China Sea, and Straits of Malacca.

Malayan tigers prey on Bornean bearded pigs, elephants, serow, barking deer, and young rhinos.

They like to make homes in agricultural areas, forests, and riparian habitats.

The total population of a tiger is estimated at about 250 – 340.