Mexican Wolf Facts for Kids

mexican wolf facts

The Mexican wolf (Canis lupus baileyi) is an endangered subspecies of grey wolf. It lives in Mexico. The Mexican wolf is also called lobo. It is the smallest of all grey wolves.

Adult wolves measure 4.5 – 5.5 feet in total length. Mexican wolves weigh 50 – 80 pounds. Females are smaller than the males. They stand 26 – 32 inches at the shoulder.

Mexican wolf is found in southwestern Mexico, United States, southeastern Arizona, and western Texas.

The Mexican wolf makes habitat in the pine-oak woodlands, grasslands, scrublands, and mountain forests.

Mexican wmexican wolf factsolves eat white-tailed deer, rabbits, mule deer, ground squirrels, elk, mice, and javelinas.

They live in groups. Each group has a hierarchy and the most dominant male is thought to be the leader.

The breeding season ranges from February to March. The female gives birth to 4 – 7 pups after a gestation period of 63 days. The whole pack looks after the pups until the pups reach 10 months age.

Mexican wolves can live up to 15 years in captivity.

The population of Mexican wolf is threatened due to human hunting. The Mexican wolf is a critically endangered species. There are no more than 143 wolves remaining in the wild.

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