Platypus Facts for Kids – Duck Billed Platypus Facts

duck-billed platypus facts for kids

Do you want to learn some of the most interesting facts about platypus? The platypus (Ornithorhynchus anatinus) is a native animal of Australia. It is the only mammal that lays eggs. The platypus is also known as duck-billed platypus precisely due to its duck-like bill. Its feet resemble that of an otter and the platypus’ tail is similar to the beaver’s tail. The platypus is one of the very few poisonous mammals. Let’s read duckbill platypus facts.

Platypus Facts for Kids

The platypus has a broad tail and dark brown fur. The fur prevents the animal from catching cold as it serves to insulate it in cold water.

Platypus has webbed feet and its tail is highly effective in storing significant fat reserves.

The average weight of a platypus is about 1.5 to 5.3 pounds. Males average 20 cm in length while females are 43 cm long.

Where do Platypus Live? Platypus will make habitats in streams, rivers, tropical forests, and cold highlands.

duck-billed platypus facts for kidsIt is widely distributed in Australia including Tasmania, South Australia, and Queensland.

Platypus is an outstanding swimmer and it spends most of its time in water searching for food. It dives into the water for as long as 30 seconds then come to the surface to breathe.

The platypus sleeps 14 hours a day.

What do Platypus Eat? It has a carnivorous diet. The platypus eats annelid worms, freshwater shrimps, crustaceans, and freshwater yabby. It is likely to consume up to 20% of its own body weight.

Platypuses have got the habit of digging long burrows measuring up to 66 feet in length.

The average body temperature of a platypus is about 32 °C (90 °F).

Adult male platypus has quite venomous spurs but they are not really fatal to humans.

Duck-billed platypus is the only mammal that uses electric field to locate their prey. It is thought to possess the most sensitive electroreception of all mammals.

They platypus’s eyes are small and they never open their eyes under water.

The breeding season ranges from June to October.

The platypus has got many natural predators such as goannas, eagles, snakes, water rats, owls, hawks, and crocodiles. Adult platypus rarely falls prey to these predators.

How long do platypus live? The average lifespan of a duck-billed platypus is about 17 years in the wild.

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