Ringtail Possum Facts for Kids

ringtail possum facts

The ringtail possum (Pseudocheirus peregrinus) or a common ringtail possum lives in Australia.

Adult possums reach an average length of 30 – 35 cm and weigh 550 – 1100 grams. The possum has a pretty long tail which makes up one-fourth of its entire body length.

Ringtail possums are found in southwestern Australia and Tasmania.

The possum makes home in a variety of habitats such as temperate regions, dense brush, tropical forests, eucalyptus forests, and drier habitats.

The common ringtail possringtail possum factsum eats flowers, shrubs, foliage, leaves of wattles, resins, plant gum, cypress pine, and fruits. Possums will love to consume young leaves.

Ringtail possums are highly social animals. They build nests in tree hollows or tree branches.

The female produces 1 – 2 young in the months of May to July. Young leaves the mother’s pouch after 3 months.

The IUCN has listed ringtail possum as Least Concern.

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