Rock Wallaby Facts – Fun Facts and Information

The rock wallaby is a medium-sized colorful marsupial. It is thought to come out at night while at day the rock wallaby will stay in shelter or steep.

Rock Wallaby Facts for Kids

  1. Depending on species, rock wallabies weigh around 1 to 12 kilograms.
  2. Like kangaroos, wallabies are extremely quick on land.
  3. Rock wallabies will usually make habitats near steep terrain or rugged shelter where they take refuge from predators.
  4. The adult wallaby can reach the length of about 59 cm.
  5. Rock wallaby has a tail of about 70 cm in length.
  6. They are highly nocturnal animals. Rock wallaby will come out to eat at night. During daylight hours, they prefer to stay in shelter.
  7. Rock wallabies are mostly most active before sunrise.
  8. There are 17 types of rock wallabies.