Spider Monkey Facts for Kids – Spider Monkey Fun Facts

spider monkey facts for kids

You’re about to explore some of the most interesting spider monkey facts for kidsSpider monkeys belong to the genus Ateles which contains as many as seven subspecies. Brown spider monkey and the black-headed spider monkey are the rarest of the spider monkeys. Spider monkey possesses some of the longest tails which it usually uses as a fifth limb to move into the trees. The monkey earns its name due to its long prehensile tail. Let us see many more amazing amazon rainforest spider monkey facts.

Spider Monkey Facts for Kids

Spider monkeys belong to the New World monkeys. The black-headed spider monkey is the biggest of all spider monkeys weighing up to 24 pounds.

The length of the spider monkey’s tail is about 59 cm. The tail is highly flexible and it doesn’t seem to have any hair at all.

Spider monkeys usually live in trees but they do come to the ground. While walking, their long tail drags on the surface. They use tail to maintain balance not only in walking but also while moving through the trees.

spider monkey facts for kidsWhat do Spider Monkeys Eat? They are frugivores. Spider monkey’s diet consists of 70 – 85% nuts and fruits. They will also consume leaves, honey, barks, insects, bird eggs, and insects when the primary food is scarce.

Where do Spider Monkeys Live? Spider monkeys are mainly found in Central and South America including Brazil and southern Mexico. They will make habitats in tropical forests.

They move pretty quickly in the trees. Spider monkeys can jump between the trees as they don’t need to come to the ground to reach another tree just like many arboreal mammals.

Spider monkeys live in a fairly large group consisting of 15 – 25 individuals. The group size can be increased up to 40 members. When the threat is nearby they will spread and leave the group.

They are mainly found in high canopy trees reaching 82 – 98 feet in height.

The gestation period ranges from 226 – 232 days.

Spider monkeys will communicate by body postures. However, if a human attempts to get close to them they bark loudly.

Spider Monkey Lifespan: Spider monkeys have an average lifespan of 20 – 27 years in the wild.

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