Sudan Cheetah Facts for Kids – Interesting Facts and Information

sudan cheetah facts for kids

The Sudan cheetah (Acinonyx jubatus soemmeringii) lives in the grasslands of Northeast and Central Africa. In Sudan they are almost extinct in the natural habitat. Some other names of Sudan cheetah are Central African cheetah, Somali Cheetah, and Northeast African cheetah.

Sudan Cheetah Facts

Leopold Fitzinger, an Australian zoologist, first described the Sudan cheetah back in 1855. The South African cheetah is the closest cousin of Sudan cheetah.

Where Do Sudan Cheetahs Live? Sudan cheetahs likely make habitats in open lands, semi-arid areas, savannas, as well as grasslands. They can survive in the driest of the places such as woodlands, mountainous regions, and Saharan desert. The sudan cheetah habitat has very humid climate.

Sudan Cheetah Speed: Sudan cheetahs can reach the speed of 75 miles an hour. They look quite similar to Tanzanian cheetahs.

The overall population ofsudan cheetah facts for kids Sudan cheetah is estimated at 2,000 in the wild. Most of the cheetahs are found in Ethiopia.

What Do Sudan Cheetahs Eat? Like other cheetahs, Sudan cheetah also eats plains zebra, guineafowls, Grant’s gazelles, hartebeests, Barbary ostrich, Cape hares, and Soemmerring’s gazelles.

African lions, wild dogs, spotted hyenas and leopards threaten the very existence of young Sudan cheetahs in their native habitat.

Sudan cheetah is one of the few subspecies that can do well in captivity. Cheetahs generally are hard to breed in zoos or protected parks.

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