Swamp Wallaby Facts – Amazing Facts and Information

The swamp wallaby (Wallabia bicolor) is a small marsupial and it mainly lives in the eastern Australia. It has got many names such as black wallaby, black stinker, fern wallaby, black-tailed wallaby, and black pademelon.

Swamp Wallaby Facts for Kids

  1. The swamp wallaby is commonly found in eastern Australia, Victoria, and Queensland.
  2. It is thought to make habitats in woodlands and forests.
  3. Like all wallabies, the black wallaby also takes shelter in fern or grass to avoid extreme heat during the day.
  4. The swamp wallaby comes out at night to feed on pasture, shrubs, food plants, and agricultural crops.
  5. The adults reach the body length of 70 – 76 cm.
  6. It has tail that is equal to the size of its entire body.
  7. While swamp wallaby lives alone it can also live in small groups during feeding.