Teaching Your Kids About Animals that Can Cause Damage to Your Home

Teaching Your Kids About Animals that Can Cause Damage to Your Home

As a parent, you probably spend a lot of time teaching your kids about respect for animals. However, it is important for kids to be aware of the bigger picture and learn about some of the damage that certain species can do such as damage to the home. 

When you have invested in property, you naturally want to ensure that it remains safe, secure, and stable. However, there are lots of problems that can occur at your home, and this includes issues with the property foundation. We all know how vital the foundation of the home is to the stability of the property, so the last thing you need is property damage.

As our infographic shows, there are various animals that can cause issues, and there are many ways in which animals cause damage to houses. They can affect both the foundation of your home and the property itself, and this can lead to all sorts of additional problems such as safety hazards and rocketing repair costs. In this article, we will look at some of the animals that can cause problems at your home. Our infographic will help you to highlight the information when talking to the kids about it.

Some of the Culprits

There are many different animals that can cause huge issues when it comes to your property foundation and your home. Some of the culprits include:


Skunks can easily get into the crawl space of your home if you have one, and once there they can create a serious issue with smell. Skunks are known for the pungent smell they leave behind, and this is something that can affect your whole house once it takes hold. It can even come through when you are using your air conditioning and heating, and this can lead to a very unpleasant living environment.


Another thing you have to look out for is rodents, and they can cause all sorts of issues. They can lead to damage to the foundations of your home, overrun your crawlspace, and even get into your home. In addition to causing hygiene issues, they can cause danger by chewing through wires and walls. In addition, they can carry disease and pose serious health issues.


Nobody wants to have to deal with a snake problem at home, but snakes can and do cause issues. Snakes can be a risk to the health of you and your loved ones if they are venomous, and they can also attract other predators that can cause damage.


Raccoons can be very destructive when it comes to homes, and they can damage wiring and insulation, take over your crawl space or basement area, and could even spread disease at your home. You could find yourself facing huge repair bills as well as hazards if you develop a raccoon problem.


One other animal that can cause issues when it comes to your home is squirrels. They may be cute with their bushy tails, but they can get into your property by finding gaps in the foundation as well as via other routes. They can chew things up, damage the wiring, and cause health problems among other things. They can also make nests in areas of your home.

These are some of the many animals that are known to cause damage to homes and foundations.

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