Tree Kangaroo Facts for Kids

tree kangaroo facts

Tree kangaroos are probably the only kangaroos that live in trees. Like other kangaroos, tree kangaroos are also found in Australia.

Lumholtz’s tree-kangaroo is the smallest of the tree kangaroos. It grows only 48 – 65 cm in length. Adult kangaroos weigh 13 – 16 pounds.

Tree kangaroos make habitats in the tropical forests. They live in northeastern Australia and New Guinea. Many tree kangaroos are found in the Raja Ampat Islands and Schouten Islands. They can also survive in mountainous areas.

Tree kangaroos eat fruits, tree barks, flour, grains, and sap.

Unlike other land kangaroos, trtree kangaroo factsee kangaroos have curved nails and longer feet—probably an adaptation to live an arboreal lifestyle.

They are pretty slow on the ground but in trees they are as quick as a monkey.  Tree kangaroos can jump from a height of 59 feet without being hurt.

Papua New Guinea is home to as many as 14 subspecies of tree kangaroos.

Males reach maturity at 4 years while females become mature at 2 years age.

Amethystine pythons are the only predators of tree kangaroos.

The population of tree kangaroos is threatened because of massive deforestation. Without forests the tree kangaroos can barely survive.

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