West African Lion Facts for Kids

west african lion facts for kids

The West African lion (Panthera leo leo) is a rare subspecies that lives in the Central Africa, West Africa, and probably in Asia. It is a critically endangered species. The lion is also known as Senegal lion.

Johann Mayer was the first person who described the West African lion back in 1826. He gave a different scientific name then Felis leo senegalensis.

There are some hybrid lions of Senegal lions. All these live in Zimbabwe and Angola.

Scientists suggest thatwest african lion facts for kids West African lions are nearly the size of a typical African lion.

They are mostly found in protected areas or national parks such as Pindjari National Parks (Burkina Faso) and Niger.

The overall population size of a Senegal lion is about 350 lions. All are bred in captivity.

West African lions are found in Ghana, Burkina Faso, Sierra Leone, Nigeria, Gambia, and Mali.

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