What Supplies to Take for Your Dog on a Plane Ride?

What Supplies to Take for Your Dog on a Plane Ride?

Mention the dog booking an air ticket or at least 36 hours before departure. As a rule, from two to four animals are allowed for transportation on one plane, so we recommend you to take care of a place for your pet in advance. The animal must be clean, healthy, placed in a special container, protected from the penetration of liquids, odors and protect from the escape of the dog (it is allowed to transport it in cages, soft baskets, travel bags specially designed for transporting small animals in the cabin of the aircraft). It is usually allowed to take pets into the aircraft cabin if they weigh up to 8 kg together with the carrier. During the trip, you should provide safety and comfort to protect your doggy from unpleasant incidents and stress. Waudog.com will help you prepare for the trip and provide the best dog supplies!

What is better during plane trips: collar or harness?

Of course, it’s better to take harnesses. Due to the harness, your dog will not experience any additional weight on the body. First of all, the harness removes the load from the animal’s cervical vertebrae, distributes it to the shoulder and thoracic. Your fluffy friend will not experience pain, since the structure of the harness is evenly distributed over the entire body. Perfect choice to keep your doggy nearby!

Buy dog harness online to provide control during the trip

OVERHEAD HARNESS We have created the best overhead harness for trips by plane. You can use the upper strap as a back handle to keep your dog near you off-leash and get better control in some extreme situations. Nylon overhead harness provides a firm grip. Don’t worry — reliable and tear-proof nylon will handle even turbulence. And thanks to the softness of this material, it will be pleasant and safe for you to hold the strap with your hand. Moreover, your dog will be a real superstar, because you are free to choose the loveliest pattern.

STEP-IN HARNESS The big advantage of a harness over a collar that is step-in harness by WAUDOG doesn’t create any load on sensitive areas of your dog’s body. Even if your pooch pulls on the leash, the harness won’t create any damage and discomfort as the load gets distributed over the shoulders. With a nylon step-in harness, you give freedom to your doggy. 

Harness by WAUDOG is the best decision to provide comfort during the trip. We use only soft yet high-density nylon. Pleasant to touch, perfect for sensitive skin. Lightweight and compact, it easily rolls up and does not take up much space just put it in carry-on baggage. 

Also, some airlines require dogs to muzzle during the flight. It’s great news because we have the same style of muzzles to create a complete look. Due to the lightness of the material, the dog gets used to the muzzle as quickly as possible and in most cases simply does not notice it. Does not interfere with the respiratory process, allows the pet to feel comfortable even with prolonged wear of the product. Durable straps made of wear-resistant nylon and plastic fastex with a blocker provide reliability and safety of the structure.

It is very profitable to buy accessories for dogs online because we provide free delivery for orders over $50. We take care and will help you with any question just contact us. From Waudog with love!

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