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white tailed deer facts

Here you’ll find many white tailed deer interesting facts. The white-tailed deer (Odocoileus virginianus) is a medium-sized animal that lives in South America to Central America. It is also called simply ‘whitetail’.

White Tailed Deer Facts

White-tailed deer has a reddish coat which becomes greyish–brown in summer.

Depending on the subspecies, white tailed deer has varied sizes and weights. Adult males (bucks) in North America weigh up to 100 – 125 pounds. The female (doe) deer averages 88 – 198 pounds in North America. The biggest white-tailed deer weighed up to 511 pounds.

Male deer are called bucks while females are known as doe. Bucks have big antlers whereas females lack one. If bucks lose antlers in fight they can regrow.

Where do white tailed deer live? Whitewhite tailed deer facts-tailed deer live in a wide variety of habitats such as broadleaf forests, tropical forests, subtropical dry, mixed deciduous forests, wooded lowlands, savanna woodlands, riparian corridors, and open prairie.

They are found in the United States, Bolivia, Mexico, Peru, South America, Rocky Mountains, northern Great Plains, Jamaica, South Dakota, Wyoming, Foothill grasslands, and Montana Valley.

What do white tailed deer eat? White-tailed deer eat shoots, grasses, legumes, plants, cacti, leaves, prairie forbs, fruits, acorns, mushrooms, and poison ivy.

The female produces 1 – 3 babies (fawns) in May or June. The fawns weigh 44 – 77 pounds at birth. They will be independent after 56 – 70 days.

White tailed deer do not only produce sounds to communicate—they use body language such as raising their tails or scent to send signals. They have a sound like squeal, short grunt, or bleat.

White tailed deer predators: They have many predators in the wild including American alligators, bobcats, wolves, jaguars, corvids, coyotes, cougars, bears, Canada lynx, and wolverines. Although less so often bald eagles and golden eagles can also prey on white-tailed deer fawn.

The population of white tailed deer in the United States is estimated at 30 million.

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