White Tiger Facts for Kids – White Bengal Tiger Facts

white tiger facts for kids

Do you want to learn white tiger interesting facts? The white tiger is not a subspecies of a tiger. It is not a true tiger. The white tiger is an hybrid species of living orange tigers. It is born as a result of inbreeding in orange Bengal tigers. Let us now dig deeper into many more white tiger facts and information.

White Tiger Facts for Kids

Distribution: White tigers are found in the natural habitat of India including West Bengal, Assam, and Sundarbans. It is also called bleached tiger.

Description: They are quite rare in big cats. White tigers have white coat but black parallel lines that resembles orange Bengal tigers. Unlike orange Bengal tigers, white cats can grow up very quickly and become far more massive than true tigers.

Size and Weight: Scientists believe that twhite tiger facts for kidshe white tigers are quite heavy even at birth. Adult cats weigh up to 200 – 230 kilograms and can reach nearly 10 feet in the overall body length.

Habitat: White tigers make homes in mangrove habitats and dense forests.

Bleahed tigers have blue eyes which are in complete contrast to its white coat.

Speed: They can run at a speed of 96kph (60mph).

Diet: Just like true tigers, white tigers also eat medium-sized to large animals such as wild board and deer.

Hunting: They usually hunt during the daytime but like Bengal tigers white cats can also become nocturnal hunters if they find prey at night.

White tigers are found in large numbers in captivity. They live in India, Bangladesh, Bhutan, and Nepal.

Like all true tigers, the black stripes of one white tiger do not resemble the stripes of the other tiger. Each individual has unique stripes.

The inbreeding of white tigers is likely illegal because scientists estimate that many orange Bengal tigers are sacrificed in order to give birth to one white tiger.

Reproduction: They will reach the maturity at 3 – 4 years age.

Many white tigers are born with disabilities. Sometimes they have cross-eyed defects while at others the tigers are born with shorter canines.

Lifespan: White tigers have an average lifespan of 10 – 20 years.

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