Wobbegong Shark Facts for Kids

Wobbegong Shark Facts for Kids

The 12 species of carpet sharks are collectively known as Wobbegongs. Wobbegongs inhabit shallow temperate and tropical waters. They live at the bottom of the sea floor and stay there for a long time. Wobbegongs have patterns like carpet. They have strong jaws and can consume their prey as big as their own size. The word ‘wobbegong’ comes from the language of Australian Aboriginals and it means ‘shaggy beard’.

There are small tentacles along the mouth of wobbegongs. These are used as bait to attract their prey. Besides, fishes are also attracted by the wave of tail by these creepy creatures and become victim to its prey.

With a size of 9.8 feet, spotted wobbegong is the largest carpet shark in this group. These sharks are not easy to spot because they camouflage perfectly with the surroundings. This way they ambush their prey as it comes any closer.

Wobbegongs readily feed on bony fishes, octopus, lobsters and crabs.

Generally, wobbegongs do not pose any danger to humans. However, since they are almost invisible, at times, the divers accidently reach close to their position and thus they bite them. They have small teeth but their bite can cause injury.

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