Black Flanked Rock Wallaby Facts

The black-flanked rock wallaby is a small marsupial which lives in the rocky outcrop. It is also called warru or black-footed rock wallaby. The wallaby is a nocturnal animal in that it becomes active at night.

Black Flanked Rock Wallaby Facts for Kids

  1. The black flanked rock wallaby has dense bushy tail.
  2. The wallaby’s tail serves as a third leg in that it maintains the balance of the animal while it hops from one rock to the other.
  3. They are thought to live in large groups consisting of 10 to 100 individuals.
  4. Black-flanked rock wallaby comes out at night.
  5. The wallaby eats leaves, fruits, and herbs. It feeds in open areas.
  6. It does not drink too much because most of the water comes from the leaves the wallaby eats.
  7. Predators of the black-flanked rock wallaby are feral cats and foxes.