Ghost Crab Facts for Kids

Ghost Crab Facts for Kids

Ghost crabs (Ocypodinae) are nocturnal and decapod species of crabs. They cannot stay underwater for a long time. They belong to the subfamily Ocypodinae, which includes 22 species of crabs. They are semi-terrestrial creatures and take oxygen through the air. They can walk on their all four pairs of legs and can run very fast as soon as they sense any danger.

The color of their bodies vary but it is usually pale-colored and the crab camouflages well with the sandy background. The eyestalks of these crabs are very large and prominent. The carapace is shaped more like a box. Ghost crabs are capable of folding back their own bodies.

Ghost crab breathes by means of its gills, that must be dampened with sea water. It has five pairs of legs. Males have different-sized claws and they also have unique horns at the top of their eyes.

These crabs can grow up to a size range of 5 to 7.6 centimeters.

They inhabit the world’s subtropical and tropical areas. They are found in the Indo-Pacific region. Ghost crabs are present along sandy shores. In sandy shores, they dig deep burrows that can be as long as 4 feet in depth.

Ghost crabs actively feed on carrion (dead meat of other animals). They also eat eggs and hatchlings of sea turtles, mollusks, snails, lizards as well as vegetation and other crabs.

They produce three different sounds; from their claws, legs and gill chamber.

Other Name: Sand crab

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