Grasshopper Facts for Kids

Grasshopper Facts for Kids

Grasshoppers are the most ancient living insects. They have been living on earth since 250 million years ago. They almost look like crickets in appearance but both grasshoppers and crickets are different species.

Grasshopper Facts for Kids

Grasshoppers have three simple eyes which allow them to see even in dark.

Like cockroaches, grasshoppers have also a pair of antennae with the help of which they can detect as well as smell things around them.

The back leg of the grasshopper is very powerful. It has claws at the end of its rear leg to help in gripping.

Grasshoppers eat plants, grasses, pasture, grain, and cereal grown as crops.

Locust is one type of a grasshopper. Locusts can jump up to one meter. They jump either to escape the predators or to fight each other.

Grasshoppers have several predators such as ground beetles, ants, spiders, and wasps.

A few grasshoppers species has the ability to change their color (camouflage) with respect to the surroundings.

In some countries, grasshoppers are eaten as food.

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