Scarab Beetle Facts for Kids

scarab beetle facts for kids

The scarab beetle belongs to the family of Scarabaeidae which contains as many as 30,000 beetles worldwide. Scarab beetles are often known as scarabs. Scientists have not been able to successfully classify scarab beetles.

Scarab beetles are bright-colored beetles with the length measuring at 1.5 and 160 mm.

Unique among its features is the antennae which can become a ball or act like a leaf to taste something.

Scarab beetles typically use their front legs for digging because their legs are so adapted and wide.

They appear white or yellow at the larval stage. The larvae of scarab beetles are called grubs. They will spend much of their daytime hiding underneath the rocks and avoid sunlight inasmuch as possible.

scarab beetle facts for kidsScarab beetles are scavengers and they eat dung of grazing animals as well as decaying vegetation. One that feeds on dung is called a dung beetle.

Adult scarabs become mostly active at night.

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