Jumping Spider Facts for Kids

jumping spider facts

Jumping spiders belong to the family Salticidae. The salticidae is the largest family in spiders. It consists of 5,800 different spiders that make up 13% of the world’s spiders. They are pretty expert in jumping.

Jumping Spider Facts for Kids

Jumping spiders make homes in a wide variety of habitats such as temperate forests, tropical forests, mountainous regions, scrub lands, and deserts. A few species however prefer to live at the highest elevation—Mount Everest.

Jumping spiders can kill its prey four to five times the size of its own. Grasshoppers which are way bigger than the jumping spiders can easily become victim.

Generally they havejumping spider facts a carnivorous diet but they do feed on plants and nectar. Jumping spiders eat grasshoppers and many other insects. Some species however like to consume partridge pea.

Unlike wandering spiders, the jumping spider has four pairs of eyes. Other species such as brown recluse or huntsman spiders are almost entirely nocturnal but jumping spiders are not. Jumping spiders become active during day.

They are able to jump quite higher. They move in a jumping fashion.

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