Mountain Lion Facts for Kids – Interesting Facts about Mountain Lion

mountain lion facts for kids

Mountain lion facts for kids is a collection of some of the most amazing and interesting information about mountain lion. The mountain lion (Felis concolor) is a large American cat that mostly lives in the rocky areas of South America. The mountain lion is a terrestrial mammal and ambush predator. Like other felids, cougars are carnivores in that they prey on herbivorous mammals. It is also known as cougar, panther, puma, and catamount. Cougar is the fourth largest cat in the world. Do you want to learn more North American cougar facts?

Cougar Facts for Kids

Cougar has five recognized subspecies namely: Argentina cougar, Costa Rican cougar, North American cougar, Eastern South American cougar, and Northern South American cougar, and Southern South American cougar.

Cougars measure 60 – 90 cm at the shoulder height. Adult males measure 2.4 m (7.9 ft) in the overall length.

Mountain lions have 63 to 95 cm long tail. The average weight of mature males is about 115 to 220 pounds. Adult males weigh 64 and 141 pounds. The heaviest cougar ever recorded at 232 pounds.

mountain lion facts for kidsThe mountain lion is mainly found in southern Andes, British Colombia, Alberta, Great Plains, New Hampshire, Michigan, Upper Peninsula, Chicago, Wisconsin, and northern Yukon.

Mountain lions habitat facts: Cougars make habitats in mountainous deserts and lowland deserts. Cougars generally prefer thick underbrush as well as open habitats with very little vegetation.

Cougars are thought to prey on fallow deer, coyote, white-tailed deer, Dall’s sheep, mountain goat, bighorn, caribou, pronghorn, elk, hares, beavers, raccoons, and mule deer.

Mountain lions can run at a speed of 40 – 50 miles per hour.

The female attains the maturity at 2 – 3 years of age. It produces 1 to 6 cubs after a gestation period of 91 days.

American black bear and grizzly bear are the potential predators of mountain lion.

Mountain lion lives 8 to 13 years in the wild but most cougars have a lifespan of 10 years. The captive cougar can live as long as 20 years.

The total population of a mountain lion is about 50,000 but it is on a declining trend. The IUCN has listed it as Least Concern.

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