Fiordland Penguin Facts for Kids

Fiordland penguin facts

The Fiordland penguin (Eudyptes pachyrhynchus) breeds on the islands of New Zealand. It is also called Fiordland crested penguin or tawaki. Fiordland penguins are mainly recognied by their white plumage which is found in both sides of its beak.

Fiordland Penguin Facts for Kids

The fiordland penguin is a medium-sized bird with an average height of 60 cm and weighs up to 8.2 pounds. They have unique yellow crests which is quite visible on top of their eyes.

The penguin makes habitat in temperate coastal forest, rock habitats, and tree roots.

Habitat: Fiordland penguins are found in the Open Bay Islands, Solander Islands, Stewart Islands, Foveaux Strait, Bruce State, and Rakiura Islands.

Fiordland penguins eat crustaceans, squid, arrow squid, hoki, red cod, and krill.

Vocalizations: They have a wide variety of calls. While most of the times they utter low-pitched hissing sounds, or growling sometimeFiordland penguin factss they also produce high-pitched contact calls.

Reproduction: The female lays 2 eggs in July and August. Both parents incubate (warm) the eggs for about 42 days. The mother feeds her chicks for as long as 20 – 21 days.

The penguin builds its nest in caves, rocks, or under vegetation.

Predators: Predators of Fiordland penguins are stoats, ferrets, rats, cats, and dogs.

Population: Over the past few years, there is a significant decline in fiordland penguin’s population. Currently the population is listed as Vulnerable. The global population of Fiordland penguins is estimated at 2,500 – 3,000 breeding pairs.

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