Huntsman Spider Facts for Kids

Huntsman Spider Facts for Kids

Huntsman spiders are pretty quick spiders. They are quite popular for their hunting speed. Huntsman spiders are also called giant crab spiders, wood spiders, or rain spiders.

Huntsman spiders like to make habitats in warm temperate regions. They like to hide in forests, woodpiles, mine shafts and wood shacks. They look like baboon spiders.

The huntsman spider lives in Australasia, Mediterranean Basin, America, Asia, and Africa. It occurs in Florida, Texas, Puerto Rico, Philippine, India, Pakistan, Japan, China, and Guam.

They have got eight eyes. Each set consists of four eyes which are set in the forward direction.

Huntsman spiders grow up 25 – 30 cm in leg span.

Like Brazilian wandering spiders, the huntsman spider never builds a web. It eats insects, invertebrates, geckos, and skinks.

Huntsman spiders likely hide in tree barks, rocks, or in crevices. They will run at a remarkable speed. They can also bite humans if provoked.

The giant huntsman spider is the biggest of all huntsman spiders.

The eyesight of huntsman spiders is probably not as good as that of other spiders.

The female produces as many as 200 eggs at one time.

They are not really dangerous to humans but their bite can be nasty.

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