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magellanic penguin facts

You might like to read these interesting Magellanic penguin facts for kids to know all about Magellanic penguins. The Magellanic penguin (Spheniscus magellanicus) is the closest relative of Humboldt, Galapagos, and the African penguin. The bird is named after the Portuguese explorer Ferdinand Magellan who was the first person to recognize the penguin as early as in 1520.

Magellanic Penguin Facts for Kids

Size & Weight: The height of adult penguins measure about 61–76 cm and they weigh 6.0 and 14.3 pounds. Males are bigger than females.

Distribution: Magellanic penguins live in the states of South America including Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Rio de Janeiro, and Falkland Islands. They are migratory birds. While most of them live in Argentina and Chile, very few migrate to Brazil each year.

Habitat: They make habitats in bushes, cliff faces, grasslands, and coasts. Magellanic penguins likely to choose places which are suitable for making burrows.

Diet: Magellanic pmagellanic penguin factsenguins eat crustaceans, squid, cuttlefish, crustaceans, and krill. They also drink sea water. Like Adelie, little blue, and yellow-eyed penguin, the magellanic penguin also loves to eat jellyfish.

They will dive 20 – 50 meters deep into the water in order to get food.

Magellanic penguins will fly in flocks especially in the breeding season.

They have a loud braying call. During the breeding season magellanic penguins become too noisy.

Reproduction: The female lays 2 eggs which are incubated (warm) by both parents. The incubation period lasts 29 – 42 days and both parents share their duties to warm the eggs. Chicks leave nest after 40 – 70 days.

Predators: Predators of magellanic penguins are sea lions, leopard seals, and giant petrels.

Lifespan: The average lifespan of magellanic penguins is about 25 years in the wild and 30 years in captivity.

Population: The population is threatened off the coast of Argentina where every year 20,000 magellanic penguins get killed due to oil spills.

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