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royal penguin facts for kids

You’d be glad to read all these interesting royal penguin factsThe royal penguin (Eudyptes schlegeli) is one of the crested penguins that live in the Macquarie Island. Scientists do not know if royal penguins are the subspecies of macaroni penguins.

Royal Penguin Facts for Kids

They are most likely to appear as macaroni penguins. Like other crested penguins, the royal penguin has Sulphur-yellow crests and orange bills.

Adult penguins measure 65–76 cm in height and weighs 6.6–17.6 pounds.

Royal penguins do not actually live in Antarctica. They breed in Macquarie Island which is one of the islands that exists around Antarctica.

Where do Royal Penguins Live? They will make habitats on tussock grass, small shrubs, slopes or beaches which are abundant in vegetation.

What do Royal Penguins Eat? Royal penguins eat royal penguin facts for kidssmall squid, fish, and krill. Penguins lay eggs in a hole or shallow sand.

They are migratory seabirds. Royal penguins spend most of their time in waters between Australia and Antarctica.

Royal penguins also nest in colonies which is pretty common in many seabirds.

The penguin lays eggs in October. Both parents incubate the eggs for one month. Chicks become adults when they reach 65 days age.

Royal Penguin Population: The population of royal penguins is Near Threatened. The global population of royal penguins is estimated at 850,000.

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