Wolf Spider Facts for Kids

wolf spider facts

Wolf spiders belong to the family Lycosidae. Unlike Brazilian wandering or black widow spiders, wolf spiders have remarkable eyesight. They rely on sight and they actively prey live animals just like land mammals do. Wolf spiders look pretty similar to nursery web spiders.

Adult spiders reach a size of 10 to 35 mm in length. They must camouflage themselves to avoid predators. That is why wolf spiders lack flashy appearance.

They will make homes on inland and coastal habitats. The wolf spider’s habitat includes wet coastal forests, suburban gardens, homes, scrublands, alpine meadows, montane herb-fields, and woodlands.

Wolf spiders eat cane toads anwolf spider factsd frogs.

While the wolf spider’s venom is not fatal to humans it can nevertheless cause swelling or itching.

Spiders that belong to the genus Hogna are thought to be the largest of all wolf spiders.

Wolf spiders are lone hunters. They will chase down the prey. These spiders can also climb up the trees and can swim too.

Wolf spiders have eight eyes which are set in three rows.

The average lifespan of wolf spiders is about 2 years in the wild.

There are 125 species of wolf spiders in the United States.

It is the official state spider of South Carolina.

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