American Green Tree Frog Facts for kids

American Green Tree Frog Facts for kids

American green tree frog (Hyla cinerea) is a medium-sized frog and it is quite commonly used as a pet in the United States.

Like its name, this frog has different shades of green color. The color ranges from lime green to yellowish-olive. The skin has smooth surface and may contain small pale golden-colored spots. Besides, there are yellowish-white streaks running from below the eye and down to the groin.

The toe pads of these frogs are large. Unlike the skin, the color of their abdomens are creamy-white.

The average size of the adult green tree frog is 5 centimeters.

The lifespan of the American green tree frog is about 6 years.

Mating occurs in late spring. During one breeding season, a female green frog lays more than 1 clutches. The green frogs of Florida tend to lay a clutch size of 400 eggs. The eggs are ready to hatch from 4 to 14 days.

They are widely distributed across the southeastern and central parts of America.

American tree frogs can turn to be invasive.

These frogs occupy habitats of aquatic plants, corn dog grasses and Poaceae flowering plants. They are active during the night and inhabit small lagoons and large swamplands.

They are insectivores and prefer eating crickets, worms, mosquitoes, moths and flies.

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