Leaf Tailed Gecko Facts for Kids

leaf tailed gecko facts

The leaf tailed gecko (Uroplatus phantasticus) is a lizard native to Madagascar. George Albert Boulenger was the first person who described a leaf tailed gecko. The gecko is also known as fantastic leaf tailed gecko, eyelash leaf tailed gecko, and Baweng satanic leaf gecko.

Leaf tailed geckos make habitats in the tropical forests of central and northern Madagascar. Like most other geckos, the leaf tailed gecko also lives in trees.

The overall length of an adult leaf tailed gecko is about 2.6 to 6 inches.

The leaf-tailed gecko moleaf tailed gecko factsstly eats insects such as moths and crickets.

The gecko earns its name after its leaf-like appearance especially the tail.

Leaf tailed geckos have purple, yellow, to tan-colored appearance.

They become active at night. Geckos are highly expert in moving into the trees. Their powerful claws prevent them from falling on the ground.

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