Freshwater Crocodile Facts for Kids

freshwater crocodile facts

The freshwater crocodile (Crocodylus johnsoni) is a native species of northern Australia. It is one of the few crocodiles that do not attack humans. Freshwater crocodiles are also called Australian freshwater crocodile and Johnstone’s crocodile.

Freshwater crocodiles are not the biggest of the crocodiles. Adult males can reach the size of 2.3–3 m (7.5–9.8 ft). The average weight is about 70 kg (150 lb) with the maximum weight reaching at 100 kg (220 lb).

They are found in the Northern Territory, Queensland, and Western Australia.

Freshwater crocodiles make homes in rivers, billabongs, creeks, and freshwater wetlands.

They will prefer to live in rocky habitats where they feel safe from potential predators.

Freshwater crofreshwater crocodile factscodiles mainly eat birds, reptiles, amphibians, fish, and bats. Adult crocs can also attack larger prey nearly the size of a wallaby.

Females lay eggs in August and they are hatched in November or December.

Lately scientists estimate that the overall population is declining probably due to the invasive species, cane toad. The cane toad is extremely poisonous to the freshwater crocodile.

Freshwater crocodiles will avoid humans inasmuch as they can. However when provoked their bite can turn out to be nasty.

The International Union for the Conservation of Nature has listed freshwater crocodiles as Least Concern.

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