Orinoco Crocodile Facts for Kids

orinoco crocodile facts

The Orinoco crocodile (Crocodylus intermedius) is a critically endangered subspecies that lives in the tropical forests of Colombia and Venezuela. It is the largest of the South American’s crocodiles.

Adult males measure around 3.6 to 4.8 m (12 to 16 ft) and weighs as much as 380 to 635 kg (838 to 1,400 lb). Females grow 3.0 to 3.3 m (9.8 to 10.8 ft) in average length and weigh 225 to 317 kg (496 to 699 lb).

They make habitats in tropical forests, Andes foothills, and streams. Due to massive human hunting the crocodile is forced to live in the freshwater habitats.

The Orinoco crocodile lives in the Orinoco River basin of Colombia and Venezuela.

Orinoco crocodiles lorinoco crocodile factsove to eat fish. That is why they make habitats where water is enough to provide ideal habitat for fish too. They will also feed on domestic cattle, capybara, and marine species.

Female lays up to 40 eggs and cover them in a dug. She lays eggs in the dry season into the riverbanks.

Predators of young Orinoco crocodiles are American black vultures, coatis, tegu lizards, jaguars, and anacondas.

Orinoco crocodiles have a lifespan of about 70 – 80 years.

Scientists estimate that there are only 250 – 1,000 Orinoco crocodiles living in the natural habitats.

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